On Saturday morning my bus was half-full with passengers reading, texting, or staring out the window. An older man pulled the bell and the driver stopped. The man needed to hold onto the railings and step carefully out the door, then the door closed, but the bus didn\'t move. It turns out the man had fallen as he stepped out of the bus, but none of us had seen. Everyone was still looking around to see what happened when the driver had already unbuckled and gotten out of the bus and walked over to the man still on the ground. He helped him up, brushed him off, and made sure he wasn\'t injured before heading back to the bus.

Victoria drivers are the nicest public service people I have every met and aren\'t afraid to help their passengers. Thanks for being so awesome!

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Two-Bus-A-Day Habit

I have a two-bus-a-day habit. It takes me two buses to get to work every day, so I decided to turn this time when I am captive on one of BC Transit’s fleet, into productive time.

It may surprise you to know that I am writing a book on the bus. Each day, the story of Brie and her adventures unfolds as the bus lumbers towards my destination. BC Transit will receive a credit in the finished book for being my office on wheels.

When inspiration fails me and the words won’t come, I lose myself in a good book or get caught up on the news via Twitter. Other days, I look out the window and reflect on my good fortune or chat with one of my route’s regulars. The bus becomes my sanctuary when I close my eyes to meditate. On Fridays, the bus is transformed into a cafe while I enjoy a warm drink while plugged into my favourite playlist. On those rare days when I can sit in the coveted first seat on the top deck of the double-deck, I am transformed into Harry Potter as street lights and branches whiz by at eye level. By the time I get to work, I am ready for whatever the day might bring.

I like contributing to the greening of my community by taking the bus and I appreciate BC Transit’s efforts to reduce emissions by adding hybrid buses to their fleet. But my favourite thing about riding the buses in Greater Victoria is the friendly bus drivers. A “good morning” with a smile and eye contact makes this service personable and enjoyable. From Dan’s funny monologue on the #6 to the #14 driver who stopped the bus to check on a long boarder who wiped out on the sidewalk – these are my transit heroes. It is no wonder that passengers disembarking yell out “Thank you driver.”

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A warm snowy ride

A few years ago on a very snowy, almost blizzard-like day, I was taking the #4 bus back home from school. Driving conditions were horrendous. My bus stopped outside the Hillside Mall bus stop and there was a physically disabled man who was in a wheelchair wanting to get on. Since the snow was so thick, the bus ramp could not get safely on the sidewalk; the bus driver tried numerous times in attempt to get the man on the bus. Finally, the man in the wheelchair told the bus driver that it was okay and that he\'ll take another bus with a more accessible ramp. The bus driver was reluctant but closed the door on him and continued driving. The bus drove for about half a block when it got to the part of the road that wasn\'t as icy and the bus driver leap out of the bus and ran towards the man in the wheelchair. The ramp was able to get onto the sidewalk safely and the wheelchair got onto the bus. The dedication of the bus driver made my freezing day so much more warmer.

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Bus Beats Taxi!

My husband and I have been taking the bus to different events all over town for some time now!We love it! The bus always gets us to where we are going on time.With the crackdown on drinking and driving we never have to worry about getting home and we also don\'t have to worry about parking downtown,which can be quite expensive. The bus always comes when the taxi may not come on time or not at all!We will continue to take the bus for many more years to come!I also have to mention, the drivers are always polite and very friendly.

Happy Passengers

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Inside the mind of a Transit-Enthusiast

My name is Harry and I am a transit-enthusiast living in Greater Victoria. I began my life in the United Kingdom, where mass transit is expensive, complex and sometimes hard to understand. When my family moved to Vancouver, and later Greater Victoria, we discovered just how easy it is to understand the basics of taking the bus on trips instead of traveling by car.

It was in 2008 that travel by bus really appealed to me. I soon found that my whole life had completely changed, I could travel anywhere I wanted to within Greater Victoria and back for less than $5. I naturally became curious about what types of buses were operated by BC Transit and TransLink; and I soon found that by using the internet alone I could find information about almost every single bus in the fleet, past and present. I suddenly knew how old the buses were, which engine they had, which systems they\\\'d previously been assigned to, and I somehow stored all of it within my head. Now if I see a bus going by, I know where it\\\'s been, what engine it has, and even what make the bus is – just by the three or four digit fleet number!

I\\\'m part of a large group of people all across Canada who keep track of the buses in our local (and not so local!) communities and share information with each other and discuss any changes or suggestions we\\\'d like to submit to our local transit systems. Some of us feel that we could really help to make transit even just a bit easier for people to use and understand.

For me, the biggest excitement comes when a project such as the Hwy 1 RapidBus in Metro Vancouver is announced, partly because it will improve transit options along the corridor between Burnaby/Surrey/Langley (TransLink), and Abbotsford/Mission/Chilliwack (BC Transit).

In many cases, I have contacted BC Transit management staff, local councillors, provincial ministers and others with suggestions to help make everyone\\\'s transit ride a better one. Every time I\\\'ve received a courteous and full response from them. More than anything I hope that somehow, someday, I can help to improve the efficiency of local transit in a way that only a transit-enthusiast like myself can do.

Transit opened up a whole new life for me, and it continues to do so on a daily basis. It makes me feel like I have a purpose in life, and even though I haven\\\'t quite fulfilled that purpose yet, it gives me something to aim for in the years to come.

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Bus driver rescues my dog!

My husband Doug was outside working on his van one day and our dog Steve was with him. Steve usually just wanders around the yard or lays about as he is quite lazy!! Doug decided to go in the house to warm up as it was a very cold day. He was on the computer when the phone rang. On the other end of the phone someone asked him,”Do you have a white dog named Steve?”.
My husband replied that yes he did indeed have a dog named Steve, then it dawned on him…Oh NO the Dog! I left him outside! “Well” replied the voice on the other end of the phone “He is on my bus!”

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This is my all-time favorite story that has ever happened on a BC Transit bus. There have been many examples of drivers going above and beyond the call of duty, but this one stands out the most in my mind.

I was on a 50 downtown, and there were a few kids in the back causing a ruckus, and bragging to anyone that would listen, and to many that wouldn\'t about they had held up a liquor store, or some such nonsense. I wasn\'t on the bus for the bragging, but heard what they had been saying from another passenger.

The bus pulled in to the western exchange, and shut the engine down, and the driver flicked on the loud speaker and announced that the bus was having cooling problems, and would have to remain off for a few minutes to cool down. In short time, several police officers entered the bus, and escorted the kids off the bus, and into their cars. The loudspeaker went on again, and the driver announced that the cooling problem had been repaired (among torrents of laughter), and continued on it\'s way.

I never did get his name, but it was by a wide margin the best bus trip I have ever taken.

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The best bus drivers!

I have been taking the bus in Victoria for many years. The bus drivers are awesome! They have told jokes to ease the morning commute (especially in September with the increase in students), wait for me as I run to the stop late at night, and now as a fair weather cycle commuter I find them patient as I peddle as fast as I can to get out of their way – and one kind driver suggested I get a new front light for my bike as mine was out. I have also seen bus drivers tactfully and respectfully deal with difficult circumstances and I continue to be impressed with their professionalism and penchant for fun. Way to go!!

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Amazing Customer Service!

I have been threatening to call or write an editorial to the local newspaper for about a year so was happy to see this site to make comments on!

We have lived across the street from a bus stop for 6+ years so I have observed untold numbers of times the courtesy and patience of the local transit drivers ALWAYS being MOST impressed.

So, from us non-bus travelers, we extend a huge “THANK YOU” to each one of you.

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Victoria Bus Heroes

BC Transit heroes, start and end in the city of Victoria. I am a 70 year old Senior Citizen who has recently returned to live in Victoria. In the past 7 months I have utilised the city bus service with absolutely no complaint.
The Drivers are professional, polite and very informative. The Maintenance staff in the Garage show their heroism by providing CLEAN, GRAFFITI FREE buses. The buses are well maintained judging by the silence as they drive through town. (that is to say No Rattles and squeaks or Muffler noise)
Victoria Transit is extremely affordable and I can travel from my home in Cook St Village to Sooke the airport or indeed to the ferries for a meager $1.50 if you buy a sheet of tickets. That is over 30 miles for a buck and a half.
So to all the staff members of Victoria Transit reach around and give yourself a Pat on the Back.
Kudos to each and everyone who works on behalf of the City Bus Company.
I also notice that a Large Percentage of passengers no matter the age say “ThankYou” to the drivers as they depart the bus. This in its self says a lot.

A.Robby McRobb CD
241 Cook St Victoria

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