Become a Hero

When you choose transit, you choose a way to get from point A to point B and a whole lot more.

You get time for yourself – time to read, listen to music on your ipod, learn another language, talk to other riders, or just relax. And you get health benefits with every trip that begins and ends with a walk.

You save money. In many communities a monthly bus pass is almost the same price as filling your gas tank. You can go a lot further on a bus pass.

How do I begin?

Get to know your transit system

The first step is to get to know your transit system.  Visit and choose your community in the scroll bar above the map. Everything you need to know about using your transit system is on this website.

The RIDER INFO menu will give you tips on taking your bike on the bus, how to pay your fare, and tips for riding.

How do I know when my bus comes?

Under the schedules and maps menu you will find a regional map.  You can click on the route number closest to your destination and it will take you to the appropriate schedule.  Example

The times listed in each schedule are specific timing points shown on the map.  Along the route you will find other bus stops within a few minutes of the times listed.

Call the local transit information number listed on the right hand side of each systems web page if you have any questions.

Do I really save money?

According to the Canadian Automobile Association website, the average cost of owning a car in Canada is $9500 a year.  Calculate it for yourself.

You can also take the Commuter Calculator to see how much could you save by taking transit instead of your vehicle.