The Hero who Saved a Life

Just a few days ago, somebody in Victoria was so desperate that he decided to end his own life. Sure, you think this happens, but what does it have to do with transit? Well, this poor soul was ready to end his life under the wheels of a double-decker right in front of the Jubilee Hospital. I was on the bus number 14, going down Richmond, when out of nowhere, a man jumped into our path, hoping to end his misery. The bus driver knew what to do and how to do it. We had traffic ahead of us, behind us, there was a bicycle and this man just wanted to die. The bus driver stopped in time, made sure we would not be hit and saved this man’s life. He did not panic, just pulled over where it was safe. Luckily, the police was close by, so the bus driver told us he was going to talk to the police and then came back to tell us what was happening. He remained calm the whole time, even though I was personally shaken. I saw this man jumping onto the road, saw the look in his eyes and so must have the bus driver, but he knew he was responsible not only for those people on his bus, but also those outside. A split of a second, a blink of an eye, going a little bit faster, putting the attention somewhere else would have meant a disaster. Thanks to the bus driver, this poor soul survived and is getting help. My Friday morning could have turned into a trauma seeing a man taking his own life under the bus, but thanks the hero, it was just a Friday that made me realize how good the bus drivers in Victoria are. It showed me that they are not only good drivers, the are very careful, calm and sometimes even heroes that save lives.