Thanks, Driver – From Both of Us!

When I was pregnant last year, I tried to ride my bike to work at UVic as often as possible to keep fit, but as the months went by, the hills up to campus seemed steeper! I had never considered using the front bike rack on the bus before, but eventually I thought it might be a good idea to let the bus do the work up the hills. In the beautiful summer weather, riding one direction was better than not at all and allowed me to get some fresh air and fitness each day as I coasted downhill after work.

At around 7 months pregnant, lifting my bike onto the rack became quite awkward, so one morning when the bus driver gestured through the windshield that he could help me, I gladly accepted. The next day, I made sure to catch the bus at the same time, hoping the same driver would be there to help me. I was relieved when I saw him behind the wheel as the bus pulled up and he immediately popped out of his seat to hoist up my bike once again. He did this every morning for several weeks to follow – always with a big smile and a cheery greeting – until I became too big to wobble even downhill on my bike.

I thanked that driver every day for his help but I don’t think he really knew how much it meant to me to start my day with such genuine, cheerful support of my effort to have fun and stay active during my pregnancy. Without his help lifting my bike, I wouldn\’t have been able to keep riding home for so long. Now every time I get on a bus now with my 6-month old daughter, I hope it\’s him driving so I can introduce her and thank him once again.