Bus Family of the 07:05 70X

I moved to Vancouver Island in July of 2011 after being offered a temporary job in Victoria. I had just spent 7 very stressful months unemployed and fresh out of grad school. Moving to the Island from the Mainland was a huge change for my partner and I and we were exhausted. When I started my first weeks at my new job, I began taking the 07:05 70X bus from the newly completed McTavish Park & Ride in Sidney. I rode the bus in silent stress and anxiety-riddled anticipation of learning a whole new community, transit route and job. Within a month though, I met my first “Bus Family” member, Maureen. She sat next to me most mornings on the bus and we’d talk about workplace performance, marketing, communications, being women in competitive workplaces and being swimmers. Maureen was the first friend I had on “The Rock”. Then came the dynamic duo of Maryann and Karen. These two bubbly, smiling, kind ladies began sitting with Maureen and I and soon, we’d have the whole back of the bus laughing, sharing, talking and contributing. These ladies gave me food to eat when things were financially tough around Thanksgiving. They forwarded me job opportunities, helped me find a doctor in my community (MIRACLE) and made me feel a part of their lives. They are my Transit Heroines because without them, my new life here on the Rock would have been a lot bumpier and had a lot less laughter. I love all three of them and I wouldn’t have met them without BC Transit’s 70X.