#27 Reading Club

My early morning bus is more than just a way to get to work; it’s a place of community and connection.

Our bus has a reading club. Not a book club, but definitely a reading club. There are five members in this club, although the number of participants varies from day to day. I don’t know their names or where they live or what they do, but all are a part of my work day routine.

Member 1 sits in the back right corner. He likes assorted fiction, with the odd western thrown in for variety, used to be our paper delivery person. I’ve seen him in the neighbourhood out walking his dogs.

Member 2 sits in the back left corner and has a nice smile. He prefers hard cover books to paperbacks, but I have never been able to determine their genre.

Member 3 sits on left side in the three seat section. He likes to read a variety of styles, from western to mystery to crime novels.

Member 4 comes and goes without routine, has no seat preference and reads more business-oriented material.

And me, I like the seat on the left right by the stairs, where I can sit and swing my legs. I enjoy historical fiction, murder mysteries and Stephen King novels.

As you can see, we all have different reading preferences, but we also have a common bond. We’ve discussed authors, local politics, gas prices, and community issues.

We have given the stink eye to newcomers who don’t know their place or come to the back of the bus with their music blaring. And we have shared some humorous experiences.

There is always a smile and numerous “Good Morning’s” when getting on, and a “Have a good day” as members leave.

I take transit because we have made the choice to be a one vehicle family, but the people who share the ride with me make the trip more enjoyable. I hope I do the same for them.