Thoughtful Driver

I was on the 3 Beacon Hill at the front of the bus on one of the disabled seats. An older gentlemen seated beside me got up early before his stop. With cane in hand he held onto the pole to steady himself. The bus driver asked him politely if he would like to sit, that there would be plenty of time for him to get up and disembark safely. The older man ignored the driver. When the old man got off the bus the driver explained that there was no rush, he could safely sit until at his stop before getting up and that he would wait for him to safely get off the bus. The old man was impolite and barked back at the driver. It made me realize that drivers put up with a lot even when they are kind, curtious and show genuine care toward the patron. I was impressed with the driver and when I got off at the end of the line I told him so. We have the most cutious drivers I’ve ever seen.